Digitalization and Entrepreneurship For Handcrafting Sector VET

Result 1:

A MOOC training course on digital and entrepreneurial skills targeted toward present and future Entrepreneurs and Start-up coaches/trainers

Result 2:

An Interactive library containing training materials for entrepreneurship and digitalisation to further boost knowledge

Result 3:

A Self-Assessment Tool to be used by the entrepreneurs to test and evaluate their knowledge and receive a personalised plan

Result 4:

A platform which hosts the MOOC, interactive library and self-assessment tool developed in the project

Main Objectives

Train the trainers: Produce a collection of best practices and educational materials to fill digital and entrepreneurial knowledge gaps for handcrafting VET trainers and business coaches.

Create/enhance handcrafting entrepreneurs’ digital and entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

Improve the awareness of present handcrafting entrepreneurs and investors on the possibilities offered by digital technologies and instruments implementation in the handcrafting sector.

Digital Transformation is a fundamental reality for businesses today

- Warren Buffett