Creativity has become one of the most important driving factors of today’s digital business environments. Businesses are increasingly looking for creative employees who can offer new and out-of-the-box solutions to existing problems. Companies go through the process of digital transformation by increasingly changing the ways in which they employ digital technologies and develop new digital business models that help to create and to capture value. Combined with a creative approach, companies have experienced a surge in creative digital solutions. However, the creative process is not a self-perpetuating mechanism. It must be initiated and supported by organizations. This is done by understanding the creative process itself and by making small but fruitful adjustments to the work environment and the overall management of the workforce. As three chosen real-life examples will illustrate, such approach results in unleashing powerful creative energy that offers new services to the market, new approaches to solving existing problems, or as seen in the case of Uber—bringing in a completely new business model based on creative solutions and innovative approaches to different aspects of business operations.

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