The development of Information and communication technologies (ICT) results in the disruption of the way the businesses are conducted today. They change and shift the access and mode of participation in the global marketplace. Through the establishing of P2P e-commerce model between producer/seller and consumer/customer, ICT facilitates access to the global marketplaces and enables participation of the customers in the content creation and facilitates the promotional activities. The paper is focused on the influence of digital technologies on the development opportunities of the handicraft producers – individual artisans or SMEs. Through the analysis of the opportunities provided by the online markets for handicrafts, the paper tries to explain and to suggest the entire transformation of the handicraft businesses. It is focused on the online tools enabling the handicraft producers to approach and to engage in the global markets for handicrafts. The results of the analysis suggest the opportunities that online markets provide to the handicraft producers in improving their competitiveness.

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