Aristocrat India is renowned customs among all other customs in the world. This aristocracy mainly derives from dress and decoration of that particular country. Handloom/Handicraft goods have direct bearing on this aristocracy. Besides maintaining aristocracy, handloom/handicraft products provides primary livelihood to the large number of rural people of the nation. However, the present markets of these products are getting declined gradually. A large number of researches are evident of this fact. The one of the major cause of declining of the market is identified as lack of sales promotions / advertisements which in turn causing lack of customer awareness for these products. Promoting these goods to the Customer through online portal will not only raise the sales promotions / advertisements but also increase customer awareness. Online buyers of city are indicated as population. Samples are drawn from the target population and sample size would be 50. Primary data is collected through dichotomous questionnaire containing close ended questions. For this investigation, “Z” analysis has been used for framing conclusion/suggestion at the end of the study.

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