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One of the first and most important functions of management is planning. Planning consists of the process of evaluating the goals of an organization and creating a plan to meet these goals.
In addition, the importance of planning is that it plays a vital role in the survival and growth of an organization as it ensures accuracy, economy, and operational efficiency.
Therefore, this module is divided into three main topics: in Topic 1, we will see the importance of setting goals and the different tools for the strategic planning process; Topic 2 will be concerned with strategizing and designing an action, as well as communication plan and finally, Topic 3 will be focusing on how to adapt and manage the change that can affect your business.


  1. Topic 1: Set long-, medium- and short- term goal
  2. Topic 2: Define priorities and action plans
  3. Topic 3: Adapt to unforeseen changes

For start-up coaches/entrepreneurs trainers